Travelling in Small Cyclades?

greekwitheart is nomad at heart

treasuring travelers

the spirit of exploration

Based on Schinoussa island

we have created a series of workshops

for travelers, like you, on this minimal corner of the World

Small Cyclades

to intrigue and enhance your perception of all that surrounds you
and your interactions with the locals

to open up new possibilities of seeing, feeling and connecting

in sync with this special geography

Scroll down for an overview of each workshop…

sketching artwork on the left: © Nikitas | devianART

Explore Hidden Meanings
Poetic Greek

Language as a human-made code shapes to a large extent how
we connect to what surrounds us and the meanings we make.
The words we use make worlds.

Let’s spread together the cards with selected greek words
that will take you into a journey to seeing in a fresh new way aspects of
the natural world, social life and human soul

Foreign languages open up the opportunity to reveal new worlds and the potential to see through new eyes what is out there and inside us.

Explore Hidden Worlds
Inner Cyclades

Inner as in an esoteric, inside terrain
Let’s spread the Cycladic cards!
This traveler’s workshop is a way for you to:
– decode things you might be randomly seeing and experiencing in Small Cyclades by getting to know the rich local meanings attached to them
– explore layers of the Cycladic and Schinoussa micro-worlds historically
– start seeing what is invisible to the tourist eyes
– put Small Cyclades deeper in your heart

Express yourself in Greek
(Greek to get about)

Join this workshop If you want to:
unravel a more authentic way to interact and connect with the locals during your holiday &
savour the original gifts the place has to offer you

You will
get familiar with greek customs and rituals around everyday practices such as meeting, greeting, eating, drinking etc.
learn from scratch/build your confidence in using, appropriately, a basic vocabulary in Greek so you can connect better to the people and the experiences you are seeking for
navigate the cultural expressions of body language and other non-linguistic forms of communication
understand the core structure of Greek language so you have a rough mapping at hand for the odd moment that grammar goes all over the place!

Do you want to take this to the next level?
Consider joining our Greek language courses on Schinoussa! Click here to find out more.

We will meet you on Schinoussa island

on a terrace or a local coffee shop
Could also be on a hill or a beach
Could be when the day cracks or the sun sets
In the lazy afternoons or the caffeinated mornings

*Depending on day & time, we could also meet in Iraklia

See you there!

If you have not been to Schinoussa yet, click here to get a taste of this Aegean gem!

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Small Cyclades

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