About Schinoussa island

If you like small scales, authenticity, breathtaking starry skies, clear blue seas, horizons and truly welcoming and warm people, then Schinoussa island in Small Cyclades is more or less your heaven on Earth

Located in the Aegean Sea it belongs to a block of tiny islands, between Naxos and Amorgos, called ‘Small Cyclades’ (Μικρές Κυκλάδες) due to their size. Small Cyclades is an interesting sea-neighborhood with a unique character.

If you love simple life, feeling really at one with nature and connected to the Earth and the Sky, this is your place!

Schinoussa has around 150 – 200 permanent residents. There is no pharmacy, no bank, no post-office. There is one ATM, three small grocery stores and a community doctor, the postman comes only every Tuesday. However, there is daily connection to Naxos, and you can order from there essentials like medication or pop there for 2 hours and come back on the same day.

In Schinoussa, you can eat exceptionally well having several options including the fresh local produce. You can also enjoy nights out in the traditional kafeneia or in a couple of modern-age bars. During summer, you will definitely be caught in a spontaneous street party with traditional music and the best-dancing people I have known in the Aegean. You can walk to almost everywhere on the island; go up some hills to see as far as to Ios, Santorini, Naxos and the other Lesser Cyclades, or across the seashore to discover countless beaches bigger and smaller, hidden or in the open, with sand or pebbles, wild or like pools: all unique, sparkling clear and beautiful.

Some important dates to note, if you want to savour the community feeling at its best, are:

27 of June : Schinoussa celebrates its local corps: fava. An open-air community party (paniyiri) with meze, drinks, live music and a lot of dancing that attracts islanders from all Small Cyclades. If you join our Schinoussa A-Z project course we will celebrate together (dance lesson included;)!
19 of August: You can visit Irakleia for a unique church service in a cave only with candle light followed by the largest paniyiri of the community.
13 of September: You can go a little further, to Donousa for the paniyiri of Stavros

How to arrive:

From Athens /Pireus: There is direct connection Pireus-Schinoussa three times a week. The journey lasts 8 hours. Alternatively, you can easily get from Pireus to Naxos (there are several boats daily) and from there get a 2 hour boat to Schinoussa (not on Sundays).

From Santorini or Mykonos: From Europe you might choose one of the many charter flights to Santorini or Mykonos airport. These islands are daily conencted to Naxos by boat, and again there is a daily (except Sundays) connection between Naxos and Schinoussa. A bit of island- hopping here :)

The Earth as seen from space: Schinoussa is the tiny island dot as pointed by the arrow (just below Naxos)