Summer Greek Language Courses | Schinoussa island | Small Cyclades

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Greek Language Course
A1 Level (1-10 June 2020)

Greek Language Course
A1+ Level (11-20 June 2020)
30 hours

Community & Project-Based
Greek Language Course
| Schinoussa A-Z |
35 hours + 5 (21 June-3 July 2020)
Levels A2/ B1

Τhe course evolves around three main thematic axes: wind,  earth and water.
The lesson is a methodic combination of creative learning in the classroom
and experiential multi-sensory learning in the community.
The medium of tuition will be a series of multimodal authentic materials
tailored for the course, as well as objects and narratives from the island.
Aspects of the non-tangible Cycladic cultural heritage,
local history & experiences will be the course’s focus.

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Community & Project-Based
Greek Language Course
| The map tells a story |
35 hours + 5 (23 Aug.-4 Sept. 2020)
Level B1

The overall theme is the Small- Cycladic space and place.
The participants are invited to design, in collaboration with locals, zines with alternative mappings of Schinoussa.
The course includes learning activities in the classroom and research out on the physical terrain and the community, giving the students a multi-sensory and multimodal experience of ‘reading’ the island. The whole surface of Schinoussa will become a canvas for the students to develop the project.

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Bespoke Greek language courses on Schinoussa:

5 – 15 July and 6 – 16 September 2020 we are available for bespoke courses.
Just pop a message letting us know of your level and what course package you would like to have (10, 20 or 30 hours) and we will prepare your greekwitheart experience.

We are thankful to the ‘Youth Association of Schinoussa’ that supports greekwitheart summer activities on the island, providing us with their beautiful traditional stone building in the village to hold our courses.

Hopefully, through our project-based courses we will also be able to support the association’s winter activities for the locals.

You can find more about the association here!