about our method

greekwitheart  tailors multimodal authentic materials to your level of Greek to facilitate you learn and practise the language meaningfully, through stories, arts, contemporary meanings and intangible cultural aspects.

For us, foreign language learning offers an opportunity to view the world with new eyes as well as open new paths to connect to ourselves and others. We design thematic workshops and community and project-based courses aiming for holistic learning experiences.

We invite our students to bring their whole selves in: engaging both the cognitive and the emotional, practicing the language of daily transactions and thinking, but also that of imagination and creativity.

Each course is unique, designed around various themes or projects, based on different locations or using different modalities to engage the learners, all aiming to underline the experiential aspect, including learning in and outside the classroom:

Overall, every greekwitheart course consists of unit-blocks:

[Flow/Creative] encourages students to link to their imagination and creative use of the language and to discover components of folk and contemporary greek cultures. They are encouraged to feel the language, the people and their geography and discover and express their own meanings. Surprising materials are to be used and created.
[Play] encourages students to have fun while robustly learning through interactive, creative play that serves specific language learning goals
[Project/task] encourages students to learn by doing, learn in action and in interaction around specific tasks that enable in situ language practice
[Laboratories] intensive blocks focusing on grammar,  right use of written language, vocabulary clusters etc. in an old-school pen and paper fashion
[Communitybased] learning encourages the use of language as a bridge to understand and connect to the community where the lesson takes place forming opportunities for real-life and meaningful interactions out of the classroom and in connection to the surroundings
[Stretch/Challenge] exposes learners to authentic learning materials and activities that are slightly beyond what they would consider ‘for them’ stretching their creative response to undestanding while not all is understood: an important confidence and resilience boost for learners

greekwitheart is for you, if you:
believe that meaninful learning happens beyond the book and out of the box
– want to learn quickly and effectively, being carefully guided by your experienced tutor and stimulated with a variety of well-structured authentic resources tailored for you
– associate language learning with wellness and connection
– desire to gain a deeper understanding of life and cultures in Greece, far beyond the mainstream, stereotypical and standardised mass-market representations
– like exploring, playing and enhancing your imagination and creativity

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